Rimfire Benchrest Competition is fired with .22 rimfire rifles, off a bench using sand bags to support the rifle. Matches are contested in 3 classes, according the weight of the rifle and scope (7.5 lbs., 10.5 lbs., and 13.5 lbs.). Separate Unlimited matches will also be conducted where the need to adhere to a specific weight restriction doesn’t apply. DPRC will shoot sanctioned IR-50/50 matches in 2012.

Match Dates


The range opens at 8AM for shooter preparation; the match begins at 9:30AM.


Competition is open to the public. Open to all competitors 14 years of age or older with adult supervision. NRA membership is not required.

Competitor classes

Sporter: Rifle and scope must weigh 7 1/2 lbs. or under. Scopes limited to 6.5 power maximum. Variable scopes must be set at the legal power and taped by a referee. Rifle must be a repeater and able to feed from a magazine. Rifle must have a working safety. Stock must be made of wood. Stock must be 2 1/4″ or under at its widest point. Holes can not be drilled or cut in exterior of stock to make the legal weight. Rifle must be designed to be shoulder fired. Rifle barrel cannot be fluted. No vibration tuning devices allowed. No electronic or mechanically assisted triggers allowed.

10.5 Lbs. Unlimited scope power: Gun and scope must weigh 10 1/2 lbs. or under. Stock must be 3″ or under at its widest point. Barrel, action, or sleeve can be bedded. Bedding can be by glue-in or bolt in. Gun must be designed to be shoulder fired. No electronic or mechanically assisted triggers allowed.

13.5lbs: Unlimited scope power. Rifle and scope must weight 13.5lbs or less. Rifle must sit entirely on bench and cannot be attached to the bench. No electronic or mechanically assisted triggers allowed. Any type of front and/or rear rest may be used.


Rifle .22 Rimfire: Chambered for Short, Long, or Long Rifle.

Ammunition: Ammunition must be a lead projectile in .22 Rimfire short, long, or long rifle caliber and available for purchase at usual retail or mail order outlets. Competitors using hand loaded ammunition and/or ammunition produced with jacketed bullet, or ammunition not available from usual outlets will be disqualified.

Wind Flags: Wind flags can be utilized. Shooters must place wind flags in position before match begins. Wind flags cannot be moved or taken down until match is over. If a flag is in a shooter’s line of sight, the Match Director or referee will lay the flag on the ground. This must be done before commence fire. Any type of string line flag system is not allowed.

Sand Bags: Front rest must be topped with some form of sandbag. Rear rest must be a sandbag. Sandbags must be made of leather or cloth. The front and rear rests will not be connected to each other, the bench or the gun. Only sandbags can touch sides and bottom of stock. When rifle is raised straight up, the front and/or rear rest must not raise up with rifle. If the front and/or rear rest raise up with rifle, the front and/or rear rest must be weighed with rifle to determine eligibility. Front and rear rifle rest must be placed directly on top of the bench but not attached to the bench. Sand bag and rest rules do not apply to the Unlimited Class.

Target: The Official IR-50/50 TARGET purchased from IR-50/50 must be used.

Course of Fire

25 recorded shots at 50 yards in 30 minutes from a bench at one target. “Unlimited Only” matches include 25 recorded shots at 50 yards in 20 minutes.

Entry fees

The entry fees for the matches will be $5.00 per shot target. Matches consist of 3 separate targets. 2 matches will be scheduled for each match date. Competitors can shoot the first, second, or both matches.


The legality of any method, device, or equipment will be determined by IR-50/50.

Additional Info

There is limited parking in back of the firing line so we are asking competitors to unload their equipment and then return their vehicles to the main parking lot.

Match Scores

Rimfire Benchrest Scores

Contact information

For more information contact Jeff Miller by email at rimfire@dprc.org


Soft drinks, water and snacks are available for purchase in the clubhouse. Restrooms are available in the club house.