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An NRA Conventional Pistol match is a three aggregate match, with 90 shots fired during each aggregate. One aggregate is fired with a .22 rimfire, one with any centerfire 32 caliber or larger, and one with a .45 caliber pistol.  Most competitors use two pistols, one .22 rimfire and one .45 ACP 1911-style, to shoot the entire match.  New competitors often us a 22 for the entire match to get the feel for how things work.  Most use semi-automatic pistols but revolvers can also be used. Slow fire will be at 50 yards using B-6 targets.  Timed and rapid fire will be at 25 yards on turning targets using B-8 targets.   Competitors may fire only one or two of the aggregates if time or physical constraints make this a better option.

2018 Match Schedule

  • March 18
  • April 15
  • May 20
  • June 17   North Carolina Shooting Sports Games and NRA Regional Match.   EIC, 22 EIC & DR relays
  • July          No match – conflict with National Pistol Matches at Camp Perry
  • August 19
  • September 16
  • October 20   North Carolina State Championship Service Pistol Match. EIC, 22 EIC & DR relays.   Starts at 1 pm
  • October 21    North Carolina State Championship Match 2700.   EIC, 22 EIC & DR relays.  Lunch will be provided on Sunday to all pre-registered competitors.  State Champion will be the high scoring North Carolina state resident.   **Starts at 9:00 am


Schedule Notes

Sight in and practice begins at 9:45AM and the match begins 10:00.   NOTE:  June 18 starts at 9:30 am with no sight in or practice.   October 14 starts at 1 pm and October 15 starts at 9:00 am with no sight in or practice.
There will be a practice EIC/DR match following the 2700 at all matches from March through May.


Competition is open to the public.
Open to all competitors 14 years of age or older with adult supervision for juniors.  NRA membership is not required but is strongly encouraged.

Match Registration

Registration will not open until a new club web site, currently in development, is up and running.   I am told registration and payment for all matches will be handled through this new web site, so there is no way to start the registration process until it is ready.   I will put out a notice to my email list when registration opens, so if you are not currently on that list, and would like to be, just send me a note at dprcbullseye@gmail.com


Required Equipment:

Eye and ear protection, 22 caliber rimfire pistol or revolver with ammunition.   Any centerfire pistol or revolver of 32 caliber or larger with ammunition for the centerfire aggregate.   45 caliber pistol or revolver and ammunition for the 45 caliber aggregate.    You may shoot a 22 caliber pistol through the entire match and earn a 22 only classification.   First time competitors are encouraged to start using 22 only.

Highly Recommended Equipment:

Extra ammunition for practice or refires.    Hat and sunscreen.  Food and drink.  Easy to use stapler for attaching repair centers.   Pen or pencil and small clipboard for scoring.   Folding chair.

Course of Fire

Slow fire will be at 50 yards and timed and rapid fire at 25 yards using turning targets on a covered 40 position range.   Limited to one relay.

Rule 24:   A rule in effect for 2013 allows new competitors to try the sport and receive a classification up to expert while shooting with one or two hands.   All targets will be at 25 yards.   Contact me for more information and to sign up if you are interested.


Current NRA Pistol Classification will be used.   Three competitors per classification required for awards.   If there are less than three shooters in a class, they will be combined with the next higher class, and so on, until at least three competitors can be combined in a class for award purposes.   State Champion will be the high scoring North Carolina state resident.   Overall match winner, if not a state resident, will receive a separate award.

Entry fees

Individual entry is $10.00 per aggregate.  Package fee is $20.00 per 2700 for DPRC members and $25.00 for non-members.  Slightly higher fees for the June Regional and October State Championship matches.   Junior shooters (20 and under) shoot for free.   Junior shooters will be accompanied by an adult.   NRA registration fee of $4.50 is included.


Governed by the latest NRA rules for Approved Tournaments.   All divisions (Open, Metallic) will be allowed but will be combined for awards.   Two hands and 22 only are also allowed and will earn classifications but are not counted for awards.   Competitors will score and replace targets.   Plugging of targets by Match Official only.   Shooters may use overlays.   Challenge fee is $3.00.

       CMP Service Pistol EIC and 22 Rimfire EIC will be governed by the latest edition of CMP Rules.   Course of fire for both will be the 30 shot CMP National Match Course.

Match Bulletin

DPRC Bullseye Match Program 2018

Match Scores

Bullseye Match Results

Pictures from our Matches

Photos taken at our matches


Directions to DPRC

Contact information

For more information contact Clark Hardesty by phone at (336) 253-7302 or through email


Soft drinks, water and snacks are available for purchase in the clubhouse.   Restrooms are available in the club house.

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