Muzzleloader Matches

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DATES: Five matches to be held on the following dates: Sunday-May 1, Saturday-June 4, Sunday-September 4, Saturday-October 1 and Saturday, November 5.

TIME:             10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.

Participation: Open to both Club and non-Club members.

REGISTRATION: 9:00 a.m.-IO:OO a.m.

MATCH FEE:            $5.00 per shooter

LOCATION:      Range 1, utilizing the first five bench positions of the left side of the range.

APPROVED FIREARMS: ANY MUZZLE LOADING RIFLE EITHER FLINT OR PERCUSSION. Rifles must have open sights and use black powder or black powder substitute. PATCHED ROUND BALL ONLY


  1. Novelty, paper, or steel, selected by match director and changed for each match.
  2. Targets to be at various distances, from 15-100 yards.
  3. No steel swingers closer than 50 yards.
  1. Close targets (15-20 yards) to be playing cards, soda straws, charcoal briquettes, clay bids, thumbtacks, etc.


  1. Shooters partner up and score for each other; three, five, or 10-shot score for each shot. Three to four shots on each target with a total of 15-20 shots in the match.
  2. No sight-in on day of match; however, fouling shots down range will be allowed.
  3. Rifles are to be loaded at the back bench and primed at the line when it is the shooter’s turn to shoot. muzzle pointing down range. 4. Shooting to be done offhand or specified shooting position.
  4. No open powder containers.


  1. Each target to have 3-5 or 10-point value, depending on hit.
  2. Total scores of match to decide order of finish.
  1. Ties to be decided by shoot off or flip of a coin, depending on time constraints.


Howard Cohen at —, phone (336) 265-8186

Dick Bernier at —, phone (336) 263-8880

Mike Gregoris at —, phone (336) 570-1277

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