Precision Rimfire

Precision Rimfire Match Series

For information and to get on or off the email list please contact:

Jim Pendergraft:



Objective: To provide a FUN, accessible, yet challenging rimfire precision match for both novice and experienced level shooters with varying types of rimfire rifles.

Note: Until Range 0 is repaired, we are shooting on Range 1, at 50 and 100 yards. There is no Varmint class (use Target instead), and Tactical will only shoot 40 shots, 20 each at 50 and 100 yards.

Competitor Classes: To better group competitors shooting similar equipment.  We will recognize four divisions: Sporter, Target, Varmint and Tactical.

Course of Fire (CoF): The match will consist of either 40 shots or 60 shots for score with multiple sighter shots per stage.  There will be two stages for Target and Sporter while Tactical and Varmint divisions will shoot a third stage.   The first stage will be 50yds and the second stage will be 100yds.  A third stage will be fired at 150yds for Varmint and Tactical. Shooting positions for Sporter, Target, and Varmint will be from the bench.

The Tactical Division positions will be more technical and physically challenging.  The shooting position for each stage will be defined and can be of any common or real world type position including but not limited to prone, kneeling, seated, supported standing, etc…  It utilizes stage props that require competitors to shoot from an improvised shooting position. The Tactical Division allows the use of shooting sticks, packs, and other equipment typically utilized in a DMM or PRS style match.

Each stage will consist of twenty steel knock over targets of four sizes.  The four target sizes for each distance are:

Target Difficulty level

50 yards




3” circle




2” circle

3” circle



2.25” egg


3″ circle


1.5” circle



Registration: Will be conducted online via Squad Sign Up with registration opening 2 weeks prior to the match.  A registration link will be emailed to those on the email list at this time. Email to be added or removed from the email list. Registering with an email will not add the email to the list.

This match will utilize a “tee time” / relay format to maximize participants flexibility in scheduling while minimizing their overall time commitment. (~1 to 1.5 hours for 2 or 3 stages)

Match fee: $10 DPRC members with badge (spouse also), $15 non-members (except $10 active military). Under 18 free.

Match Rules (including equipment allowed and needed)

Relay Voice Commands

Squad # (Squad Sign Up) corresponds to Relay# & Start Time:

  1. 10:00 am
  2. 10:20 am
  3. 10:40 am
  4. 11:00 am
  5. 11:20 am
  6. 11:40 am
  7. 12:00 am
  8. 12:20 am
  9. 12:40 am
  10. 1:00 pm
  11. 1:20 pm
  12. 1:40 pm

2017 Match Schedule – 2017 Total Scores

2nd Sunday of each month (Mar-Dec):

  • March 12th – Scores – Snow!
  • April 9th – Scores
  • May 14th – Scores – Mother’s day
  • June 11th – Scores
  • July 9th – Signup (not open yet) – NC State Shooting Games Match
  • July 30th (22 Challenge Match)
  • August 13th
  • September 10th
  • October 8th
  • October 29th  (22 Challenge Match)
  • November 12th
  • December 10th – Lunch, awards, prizes, trading, and fun shoot!

2016 Match Schedule – 2016 Total Scores

  • August 14th (only 2016 match with Range 0 using 150 yards) – Scores
  • September 11th – Scores
  • October 9th – Cancelled due to power outage after hurricane Matthew
  • November 13th – Scores
  • December 11th – Scores


Prior Series Scores

Video & Pictures:

Stage 2 Video

Match Photo Album



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