22 Challenge Match Information

The 22 Challenge matches are patterned after the excellent Utah Long Range Shooters 22 Marksman Challenge matches (check them out on Youtube).

Matches will be shot in relays of 6 in 2018, with some stages shooting simultaneously on the line (scored after shooting is complete), and some with one shooter at a time (scored in real time). Reset will be at the end after shooting is complete.

These matches should be a lot of fun, and definitely a challenge! The maximum possible score for each match will be 100 points. Any perfect score gets the next match free – good luck :-)

Announcements for opening up registration will be the same email list as for the regular matches, so get on the list by emailing Match-PR@dprc.org.


2 divisions, target (from bench) and tactical (from varying positions). Same rifle and equipment rules as target and tactical divisions in regular matches (as in the regular matches, sporter rifles can shoot either division since they are more restrictive).

Course of Fire

The course of fire will be different for each match. Targets will be placed anywhere between 50 and 150 yards, and will vary within stages (different ranges to targets in the same string of fire). Targets will generally be in the 2-5 MOA range, but some may be smaller. Matches will be approximately 50 rounds for record. Target distances will be posted at the match, but not announced ahead of time.

Stages will average 1 minute long, for a few shots. There will be a little more time pressure on some stages than the regular matches, but bolt guns will still mostly rule.

Targets will be primarily a wide variety of steel, but others will be mixed in – matchsticks, playing cards, clays, whatever is fun and not easy to hit! Maybe even an occasional interesting paper target. There may be penalty (hostage) targets that partially obscure scored targets.

Match Fee

$15 DPRC members with badge (spouse also), $15 active military, under 18 free, and $20 for everyone else.

Line commands

After the stage brief is completed for each stage:

  • Prepare 1 magazine with (n) rounds
  • Preparation period of (n) seconds begins now (generally 60 seconds)
  • Load with (n) rounds and make ready
  • Ready on the left, ready on the right, Fire!
  • Cease fire!
  • Unload and clear, make your rifle safe

For serial stages (one shooter at a time) there will be 2 bench and one tactical positions set up, separate from the individual positions, and prep for the next shooter can start as soon as a completed shooter vacates a position, to overlap the time and speed things up.

Squad/Relay numbers and start times

  1. 10 AM
  2. 11:30 AM
  3. 1 PM
  4. 2:30 PM

Past Challenge Match Pages

These will give you a good idea of what to expect (with pictures):

1. July 30, 2017

2. Coming in April 2018

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