Precision Rimfire Match Rules

Safety First

The match will be run with a cold range.

  • Bring all firearms cased and unloaded.
  • Firearms will only be uncased on the firing line when it is time to prepare for your first (50 yard) string.
  • Shooters will move rifles between stages/benches at the direction of the match direction.
  • When you are done with your last string, they will be cased on the firing line as the following shooters are transitioning to their next strings.
  • No firearms will be uncased or handled behind the shooting line.
  • Bolts will be open, chambers empty and visible (or chamber flag inserted), and magazines out when outside the designated shooting period for each stage.
  • No firearms will be handled on the firing line (do not even touch the benches!) while shooters are downrange resetting targets.

Course of Fire

  • The match will consist of 40 or 60 shots for record, in 2 or 3 stages of 20 shots each (depending on division), with multiple sighter shots per stage.
  • Each stage will consist of twenty targets total with four different sized targets.
  • The shooter will have a 45 second preparation period and a 60 second sighter period. At the end of the sighter period the shooter will have five minutes to fire twenty rounds at the twenty targets.
  • Targets must fall from rack to be counted as scored.
  • On the 100 and 150 yard stages there will be an additional unique and challenging target. If the shooter has a perfect 40 or 60 score for their division after shooting all their stages, an additional 30 seconds will be given for one shot at that extra target, making a perfect match score either 41 or 61.


  • Sporter (limited equipment) and Target will shoot 2 20 round stages, at 50 and 100 yards respectively. Varmint and Tactical will shoot 3 20 round stages, at 50, 100, and 150 yards.
  • Sporter, Target, and Varmint divisions will shoot all stages from the benches.
  • In Tactical division, the shooting positions and props for each stage will be more challenging, and will be announced with the match. If you have a physical limitation that would make the tactical positions unwise, please register in the varmint division instead to shoot from the bench.


  • All firearms will be chambered in 22LR, 22 Long, or 22 Short.
  • Any action type may be used.
  • Only firearms that meet these requirements may be used in Sporter division:
    • Barrel length of 24″ or less
    • Barrel diameter at muzzle of 0.65″ or less (0.75″ or less for octagonal barrels)
    • Total unloaded weight of firearm, magazine, and sights of 8.5 lbs or less
    • No set triggers
    • No barrel weights or tuners
    • Optics magnification of 14x or less (higher powered scopes may be set to 14x or less to meet this requirement)
  • Other firearms may be used in any of the other divisions, as can Sporter firearms.

Other Equipment

  • Ammunition should be standard velocity (1100fps or less). Bring 50 rounds per division (40 for record, ~5 sighters)
  • Magazine(s) to hold 20 rounds for record, and an additional magazine for sighter shots.
  • Bipod or front sand/bean bag.
  • Rear bags may be used at 100 and 150 yards, but not at 50 yards. Rear bags must be of the simple bean bag or sand sock type. No rear monopods.
  • Tactical division¬† shooters (only) may use shooting sticks, packs, and other equipment typically utilized in a DMM or PRS style match.
  • This is a precision rimfire match, but not a benchrest match. No F-class type bipods, mechanical front rests, or heavy filled (shot or zirconium sand) or rabbit ear rear bags are allowed. No specialized shooting jackets.
  • Suppressors are welcome and do not count toward barrel length in Sporter division.


  • Competitors will reset and paint their targets after shooting.
  • You may enter the match twice, in different divisions.

Range Commands

These commands will be given via a public address system and will be pre-recorded for consistency.

0:00 Shooters to the firing line. Your preparation period begins, NOW!

0:45 Load and make ready

0:55 Fire sighter shots, fire sighter shots

1:55 Cease fire. Reload. Cease fire. Reload.

2:05 Fire for record. Fire for record

5:05 Two minutes, two minutes remaining

6:05 One minute, one minute remaining

6:35 Thirty seconds

6:55 Ten seconds

7:05 Cease fire, cease fire, cease fire!

7:20 Unload and show clear, make the line safe. Unload and show clear, make the line safe.

7:30 Verify scorecards, verify scorecards

After line is verified safe and scores are complete, competitors will be cleared to go downrange and reset their targets.

Squad # (Squad Sign Up) corresponds to Relay# & Start Time:

  1. 10:00 am
  2. 10:20 am
  3. 10:40 am
  4. 11:00 am
  5. 11:20 am
  6. 11:40 am
  7. 12:00 am
  8. 12:20 am
  9. 12:40 am
  10. 1:00 pm
  11. 1:20 pm
  12. 1:40 pm
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