Vintage Military Rifle

Vintage Military Rifle Competition is several shooting stages using different positions and timing formats to test and develop flexibility and marksmanship skills using former military rifles conforming to the CMP rules. See page 56, table 8, Match course “A”.

201X Match Dates

Dates are pending


Registration and Practice: Gate opens at 7AM. Registration  will begin at 7:30AM. Sight in time is from 8 to 8:30AM. Registration and the gate will be closed at 9:00am.

Match: The match begins at 9AM and ends at 2PM.


Competition is open to the public.


Required Equipment: Hearing protection, eye protection, rifle, and ammunition.

There are three DPRC Club owned M1 Garands for use in any Vintage or High Power match. You must contact  Dan Warren at to reserve a rifle. The use of the rifle  is free for a shooter. All subsequent reservations will require paying for the ammo “only” at the DPRC cost of $.65 per round if available. Use of the club rifles requires the use of Military, or commercial grade issue standard ball ammo. No handloads are permitted.

Highly Recommended Equipment: Long sleeve shirt and long pants, hat, sunscreen, shooting mat or carpet (about 3′ x 6′), ammo for practice, food and drink.

Course of Fire

There are three matches. Each match is a 30 shot, Match Course “A”, fired at 200 yards on an SR target. 10 shots prone slow-fire, 10 shots prone rapid-fire, and 10 shots standing slow-fire. There will be “ONE” sight-in period prior to Match #1. We will have a time period sufficient to sight in two of your rifles if necessary.


Winner will be awarded a prize as determined by the Match Director. “Usually” first place, overall for all three matches, is an entry fee refund.

Shooters who qualify with appropriate match scores will awarded CMP medals, either bronze, silver or gold for each match.

Entry Fee

$10.00 to shoot per match or $20 for all three matches. No charge for Juniors. (18 years of age and under). Checks accepted made out to the “DPRC”.

Rifle Rules

Rifles must be those conforming to the As-Issued Military Rifle Rules as defined in Section 9.1.1 (1) of the CMP Rule Book.  These rifles being in one of the following categories:

Section 6.3.2, M1 Garand in as-issued condition.
Section 6.3.3, M1903 Springfield in as-issued condition.
Section 6.3.4, Other US Rifle (Model 1917 or Krag) in as-issued condition.
Section 6.3.6, Foreign Military Rifles, must be manually operated and in as-issued condition.

Rifle Clinic

Class room and range time, if needed, 8:00am thru 2:pm

Vintage and High Power

The Vintage Rifle and High Power clinic is designed for beginning and intermediate shooters. Using training material from the Civilian Marksmanship Program topics of shooting fundamentals, various sling positions essential for shooting in matches, as well as match rules, etiquette, and protocol are cover. Vintage Rifle and High Power clinics “may” include live firing on Range #7.

Essential equipment includes a rifle that meets CMP rules for Garand, Springfield, or foreign military rifles, and a USGI sling or leather sling. Strongly suggested equipment includes shooting equipment such as shooting jacket, mitt, scope, pencil or pen, paper, hat with brim, sunscreen, and bottled water. There is no charge to participate.

Match Scores

Vintage rifle scores are reported to the CMP and can be found on their site at

Contact Info

For more information email Dan Warren


Soft drinks, water and snacks are available for purchase in the clubhouse. Restrooms are available in the club house.

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